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Bandhavgarh Kanha Photo Tour

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Tiger Photography Tour to Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park, India : 10 Nights / 11 Days Tiger Photo Tour to Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park accompanied by professional wildlife photography, in eco-friendly, luxurious, jungle resorts in 2 of the best places to see and photograph the majestic bengal tiger in the wild along with and other wildlife.

Located at the Vindhya Hills in Madhya Pradesh; Bandhavgarh National park welcomes you to glance and click majestic Bengal tiger in wild. Bandhavgarh tigers being very tolerant to vehicles, this is a place where sightings of tigers are relatively frequent and consistent over the years, the tigers can be watched at close range and a telephoto lens is sometimes too much to photograph these magnificent felines. A stay of 5 nights usually offers good tiger sightings and photography opportunities. Tiger sightings out here are so frequent that most tigers have names usually given by forest guides.

wildlife photography tour, wildlife india, wildlife tours, india wildlife photography tourCommonly known as Kipling’s country, Kanha is said to be the place that inspired the Jungle Book. While exploring the vast diversity of Kanha National Park, the Jungle book comes alive although Kanha is famous for its tigers, but one may get frequent encounter with rare birds and other wild animal such as swamp deers, langurs, wild dogs, wild boars, leopards, cheetals, indian bison, sambars, jackals, jungle cats, blackbucks, and an exciting forest with beautiful vistas to explore. Kanha also has some 200 species of birds. The sal and bamboo forest with magnificent meadows, grasslands and ravines make this trip outstanding. Male tigers are usually seclusive and seen less often but in Kanha male tigers are often seen walking on the road and chances are you may have your best male tiger sightings in Kanha.

Tiger Photo Tour to Kanha and Bandhavgarh starts with the prime focus on tigers at Bandhavgarh for 5 Nights and then moving ahead towards Kanha for next 5 Days. The entire tour is designed for wildlife lovers and photographers wherein we mainly focus on wildlife and wild animals at these two national parks while exploring the surroundings of these two territories to get some on the portraits and local lifestyle shots as well.

During 10 Nights and 11 Days with us at Kanha and Bandhavgarh wildlife Photography Tour, we have allocated 19 Game drive in national parks which offers plenty of chance to wildlife photography tour, wildlife india, wildlife tours, india wildlife photography tourwatch and photography the king of Jungle (tiger) and other wild life. The tour runs at an easy pace necessary for good wildlife sightings, unlike hopping around from place to place. Wildlife in our experience requires time and patience. The itinerary is such that we do less travel outside the forest and spend most of the available time in the forest watching and photographing wildlife. Travelling as a small group, beginner / amateur photographers can learn firsthand in the field from the accompanying wildlife photographer and gain lots of in the field insight and tips about wildlife photography and animal behavior.

This tour is a blend of the best that India has to offer. Join this tour to experience Indian forest and fulfill your desire to see and photograph tigers up close along with the rare barasingha and at the same time have a fun filled exciting vacation with a group of likeminded people. Photographer or not you will love this trip & vacation.

Best time to go : November to February is winter and the forest is lush green, misty in the mornings, there is good soft defused light for longer duration. Winters are cold, temp can drop to 10 deg Celsius in peak winters and peak winter can be chilly especially in open safari morning drives, requires warm clothes. March to June is summer and the forest is dry, with most water holes dried up. Wildlife visibility is more as forest has less vegetation and animals tend to be near the few remaining water sources. Summers can be unbearable with peak summer temperatures going up to 45 deg Celsius. January is the peak rut season of barasingha. Mid June to September the park is closed.

Kanha and Bandhavgarh Wildlife Photography Tour :

wildlife photography tour, wildlife india, wildlife tours, india wildlife photography tourDay 1: Jabalpur : Pickup from Jabalpur in the morning, from our designated place and time, travel by road (approx 5 hrs) to Bandhavgarh National Park, check-in at resort around noon. After lunch, evening game drive inside the park.

Days 2-5: Bandhavgarh National Park : Morning and evening game drives inside park for watching and photographing wildlife.

Day 6: Bandhavgarh to Kanha : Morning game drive, after breakfast drive from Bandhavgarh to Kanha (approx 6 hrs). Reach resort at Kanha before evening. Have dinner and rest at night for early morning excursion.

Days 7-10: Kanha : Morning and evening game drives inside park for watching and photographing wildlife.

Day 11: Jabalpur : Morning game drive, breakfast and check-out and drive back to Jabalpur. The tour concludes at our designated point in Jabalpur.

Highlights of Kanha and Bandhavgarh Wildlife Photography Tour :

Accompanied by a wildlife photographer.
Best place to see & photograph wild tigers.
19 Jungle safaris/game drives in 4x4 open private jeep (gypsy).
Only 3 participants in each vehicle for optimal watching & photographic opportunity
Small group of nature lovers & photographers of various skill levels.
Less Travel and Maximum time spent in the forest.
Serious focus on wildlife watching & photography.
Emphasis on Eco-friendly and Responsible travel.

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