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Pushkar Fair 2019 Photography Tour

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From Photographers interested to capture the lifestyle and travel stories; the grand occasion of Pushkar festival is definitely a priceless treat. The fair embarks in Kartik Shukal Ekadasi and falls in the month of October – November. This five day long fair is celebrated till five long days till the Kartik Purnima and holds the sole aim of trading cattle including camels, horses, cows, goats, sheep etc. Once the trading of cattle gets completed, they are then bred and decked up with beautiful clothes and dazzling ornaments for public displays.
Every year Pushkar Fair is celebrated with great vigor by the locals of Rajasthan. The images of silver bells making heart pleasing jingles and animals walking over sparkling sand dunes are usual yet fascinating at this stunning cultural retreat.

Thousands of villagers flock to the ancient temple town of Pushkar, to bathe in the holy waters of the lake there at this time. The town comes alive with men and women dressed in their traditional colorful best, buying and selling brilliantly adorned camels, while street magicians, performers, storytellers and soothsayers vend their wares and services. If ever there was an opportunity to experience - and photograph - a traditional, authentic Indian festival and fair, this is it.

Reasons to join Pushkar Fair Photography Tour :

Professional Photographer to mentor and inspire you to click the best shots.
Access to people, places and moments you'd never otherwise see
Amazing fun: great holidays with like-minded people
Small group (maximum 08 guest to one pro photographer) for personal attention

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